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Client Quotes - Oct 2003


Pt Freeport Indonesia

The world's largest copper/gold mine, has acquired both RCM Turbo and SOS. Located in Irian Jaya, this remote site employs over 7000 people. The target for the implementation of RCM Turbo was a crushing conveying system, recently re-located on site. The equipment is operated at over 11,000 feet altitude. The Freeport operation is owned by Louisiana based Freeport McMoran and Rio Tinto.

Maintenance Manager of the Freeport concentrating division, Mr Ian Wilson said "


"We selected RCM Turbo after evaluating other offerings and checking RCM Turbo references. Strategic were also able to offer an Indonesian trainer expert in the principles of reliability centred maintenance. Considerable effort was put into obtaining strong local ownership and buy-in. Freeport now has a focussed team ready to continue with further maintenance strategy developments.

We will be implementing the outcomes from the pilot assessment prior to re-commissioning of the plant."


Coal & Allied Hunter Valley Operations


In July 2003, Hunter Valley operations implemented RCM Turbo having conducted a two week pilot to evaluate the methodology. Presiding over the implementation is James Hancock, Maintenance Technical Officer, Truck Fleet. James said:


"We are responsible for the maintenance and reliability of HVO's mobile fleet of 132 vehicles which includes 54 x 240 tonne trucks , Dozers, Graders, Scrapers, Loaders and heavy earth moving equipment , including Draglines and Rope Shovels . There was a need to optimise our maintenance activities and RCM Turbo has provided a platform for maintenance strategy review, allowing us to establish appropriate tasks and task intervals. "

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WMC Fertilizers - Phosphate Hill


WMC's Phosphate Hill operation near Mt Isa in Queensland Australia has made use of RCM Turbo since the acquisition by WMC Resources of a corporate licence during 2001. This year, a focussed project with RCM Turbo as its cornerstone has been commenced, with Strategic personnel on site.

Shane Calnon is Maintenance Engineering Officer - Reliability at Phosphate Hill. Shane said:


"We needed an external resource dedicated to the completion of reliability strategy (analysis and optimisation) on site. The work has included areas not previously assessed from our initial start-up as well as a review and improvement of plant assessed in the past. Strategic's site representative conducted a very thorough and comprehensive analysis and obtained the necessary involvement from our local practitioners. We are currently on target for a timely completion."

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Hydro Tasmania


Providing power to the entire State of Tasmania in Australia, Hydro Tasmania presides over 30 Hydro power stations and associated dams and water management equipment. RCM Turbo was acquired by Hydro Tasmania in 2001 as part of a carefully planned project. Included in the project are regular audit and review visits by Strategic personnel. Hydro's reliability project has been presented at the last two Strategic Reliability Conferences.


Fabian Kaica has been instrumental in the state-wide assessments. He said:


"RCM Turbo has been utilised as the platform for our reliability project. We are looking to increase our competitiveness in the national electricity market and to do this, we need to operate and maintain our assets with the highest reliability possible. Our project is designed to move through our critical equipment according to a strict timetable. Strategic's input is scheduled at regular intervals to ensure that milestones are being met and that the quality of assessment data remains high. "

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Robe River Iron Associates


Part of the Rio Tinto group, Robe River has owned RCM Turbo since 1996.  A maintenance strategy review project at that time resulted in new schedules for extensive portions of Robe's critical assets.


In 2003, a further project has commenced, with RCM Turbo being utilised at Cape Lambert, Pannawonnica and at the West Angelas project for the development of new, optimised maintenance plans.


Presiding over this activity is Lloyd Dolman, Asset Management Superintendent. Lloyd said:


"We have conducted refresher training and pilot implementations of RCM Turbo at each of our locations. Strategic have provided services to ensure that our personnel are able to conduct the maintenance strategy reviews observing reliability principles. We are now looking to refine the outputs from RCM Turbo for more seamless integration with our CMMS"

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BHP Billiton Boodarie Iron


In 2003, Boodarie Iron (HBI plant) acquired RCM Turbo, having earlier utilised MPDS (the pre-cursor to RCM Turbo) and another maintenance strategy review methodology. Initial training was conducted by Strategic in August 2003.


Jim Charman is Maintenance Improvement Group Leader at Boodarie. Jim said:


"We were looking to take the next step in the optimisation of our maintenance activities and RCM Turbo was selected as the platform for satisfying this important function.  "

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Port Waratah Coal Services


The Rio Tinto owned Pt Waratah Coal Services operation in Newcastle Australia is the world's largest coal terminal. Servicing the fertile Hunter Valley coal fields, Pt Waratah is the departure point for a high percentage of Australia's export coal.


In 2001, RCM Turbo was acquired to complete a maintenance strategy review of Pt Waratah's conveying equipment. A ten day pilot was conducted with the assistance of Strategic, allowing Pt Waratah personnel to continue the analysis. Not long after the pilot assessments, Pt Waratah acquired and implemented the Maximo management system


In 2003, RCM Turbo assessment data was reviewed in the light of improved history data now available from Maximo.


Mr Peter Morrison, Specialist Advisor - Maintenance Systems said:


"Even prior to the review using Maximo data, it was apparent to us that the initial pilot outcomes had produced a highly desirable impact. The level of breakdown maintenance now being performed at Pt Waratah is dramatically reduced from the levels we experienced prior to the maintenance strategy review performed using RCM Turbo. "

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